Jin Tekken 3 | Jin Kazama Tekken 3 Character, Move and History

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Hello, all my dear friends, once again welcome back to our website www.tekken3.in, as you all know on this website I mostly write articles on the Tekken series. so guys today I am going to tell you about the Jin Tekken 3. In this I article I am going to tell you all about Jin and his family

Tekken 3 is one of the best fighting and action game on the internet nowadays. It is now available for Android, and iOS as well as it is also available for PCs. Jin is the fictional character in the Tekken 3 and he is also a very important character in this game.

Today in this article I am not going to provide you the downloading link of the Tekken 3, here I also tell you mostly about the Jin Tekken 3, its history, and many more. So guys, if you want to download Tekken 3, then you should visit our website we already wrote many articles on Tekken 3.

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One of the top video games ever made has been praised as Tekken 3 on PC. Tekken 3 is the fourth best-selling PlayStation game with more than 8 million units sold worldwide. In 2001 and 2002, respectively, Tekken 4 for the arcade and the PlayStation 2 came after it.

Jin was introduced as the protagonist in the 1997 game Tekken 3 and has been the central character of the series from that game onwards. In Tekken 3, there are a number of characters included in it, and you can play this game with many characters if you want to become a perfect fighter then you have to play it regularly.

History of Jin Tekken 3

Before starting my topic, I tell you that one of the best and my favorite player in the Tekken series Is Jin. The full name of the JIN is Jin Kazama and he is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series created by Bandai Namco Entertainment. He was introduced as the protagonist in the 1997 game Tekken 3 and has been the central character of the series from that game onwards.

The exceptions to this rule were when Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima took over as the game’s main protagonists in Tekken 7 and when he assumed the position of the game’s antagonist in Tekken 6 (Lars Alexandersson replaced him as the protagonist). In Tekken 8, he will return as the main character.

Jin is a relative of Asuka Kazama and the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. He is also the great-grandson of Jinpachi Mishima, the nephew of Lee Chaolan, and the half-nephew of Lars Alexandersson.

The birthplace of the Jin Kazama is Japan and the nationality of Jin is Japanese. The fighting style of the Jin Kazama is  Mishima-ryu Karate with Kazama-style traditional martial arts(Tekken 3-Tag Tournament as human and Devil Jin) and Traditional Karate (Tekken 4-onward; human form only). Jin Kazama lives with their mother (Jun Kazama) and he loves too much to her mom.

And one day suddenly Jin’s mother disappeared and he came to know that his mother had died. After it, Jin knows about his grandfather Heihachi Mishima and he went to his grandfather. 

Jin took the training of fighting with his grandfather to defeat the Ogre. After taking training for 4 years Jin became a perfect fighter. And he went to the Iron Tag tournament and he shows his best in the tournament.

With the way of the tournament, Jin reaches the temple where the ogre was sat. when Jin opens the door of the Temple he saw the Heihachi Mishima in front of him. Heihachi Mishima told him I am your next competitor because he wants to see the training Jin. After it fights begins between Jin and Heihachi Mishima Jin defeats Heihachi Mishima.

After Jin Tekken 3 sees the Ogre and Heihachi Mishima already told him that the Ogre killed his mother. Now Jin gets too much hyper and he is so excited about the fight with the ogre. And Jin starts the fight with the ogre and he wants to have an amazing fight. And at last, Jin defeats Ogre.

After some time suddenly there is a blast happened from the ogre’s body and Heihachi soldiers come there. And after it, Heihachi shoots Jin and Jin dead. After it, Jin became devil Jin and he attacks the Heihachi and he moves away from the temple with his wings.

Screenshots of the Jin Tekken 3

Jin Kazama mother

Jin Kazama mother

Tekken 3 game

Tekken 3 game

Tekken 3 game characters

Tekken 3 game characters

Jin Kazama Father

Jin Kazama Father

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is Jin Kazuya’s father?

Ans. As any fan of the games will know, Jin Kazama’s father is Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya is the son of Heihachi Mishima.

Q. What happened to Jin’s father in Tekken?

Ans. He fought Ogre’s true form in the final round and succeeded in killing it; however, he was gunned down shortly after his victory by a squad of his grandfather’s private military group, Tekken Force. Heihachi himself fired a final gunshot into Jin’s head and after it, Jin become devil Jin.

Q. Why does Heihachi hate Jin?

Ans. Being that Jin was Kazuya’s son, Heihachi secretly became afraid of what Jin could physically become. After Jin killed Ogre, Heihachi betrayed him by having Jin riddled with bullets. Jin survived by transforming into his Devil form for the very first time, attacking Heihachi, and flying off into the night. He hates JIn because he knows that if Jin Becomes the devil Jin then he is too much harmful to the world.

Q. Is Jin evil in Tekken?
Ans. Like his father and grandfather, he became a ruthless leader and plunged the world into a warzone, declaring war on all nations that opposed him. Despite his well-indented claims, Jin ended up becoming worse than Kazuya and Heihachi ever were.

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Final Words

Jin was introduced as the protagonist in the 1997 game Tekken 3 and has been the central character of the series from that game onwards. He is having a very powerful and amazing fighting style by which he can easily defeat another player. So Now I finished my words and I hope your all doubts and queries are cleared related to the Jin Tekken 3.


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